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Bayer CONTOUR Diabetic Blood Glucose Meter

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Bayer CONTOUR Diabetic Blood Glucose Meter

Simple and accurate testing for results that matter.

Bayer's CONTOUR® is the #1 pharmacist recommended meter. It offers simple and accurate testing plus options for customized diabetes management.

Basic: Insert a Bayer test strip and test. Easy and accurate testing is that simple.
Advanced: Personalize your diabetes management. Track your test results based on your individual settings and get post-meal reminders at the time you want.

Meter Features

Bayer’s CONTOUR ® offers the following features:

  • Bayer’s No Coding technology: Bayer’s test strips code the meter automatically for every test.
  • No interference with sugars known to cause false high results in some meters*
  • Easy-to-read display with large, clear numbers
  • Fast 5-second test time and small 0.6 µL blood sample

Advanced features to personalize diabetes management:

  • Individual setting of HI/LO targets decided by you and your healthcare professional
  • Pre-meal and post meal marding of test results
  • Reminder function ofr individually selected post-meal testing time
  • 30-day pre- and post-meal averages
  • Mark results as pre- or post-meal tests
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Manufacturer # 7151H
Brand Contour®
Manufacturer Bayer
Application Glucose Meter
Coding Requirement No Coding
Test Time 5 Second


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